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PostSubject: Wraith I   Wraith I Icon_minitimeThu Feb 15, 2007 11:07 pm

Name: Wraith

Character Name Isaria Targuarian

Age (of character) 16

Gender female

RaceHalf-human Half-Dragon

Class Druid

Alignment neutral good

Physical Description:
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Eye Color: gold
Skin: she has milk-white flesh with a perfect complexion. She has one tattoo that rests across her right eye in the form of lightning flames and swirls. She has a perfect figure that she keeps well honed.
Hair: she has long golden-reed hair that go down to her ankles
Appearance: she wears long silk gowns that are exquisite in design as befit a queen. She has multiple outfits of various colors and textures. She always wears her hair spun in different ways about her head and always wears her circlet. A simple golden circle with 3 gliffs in it. One is a druid circle in the front center of the circle, the other two are the dragon circle and the human circle. For jewelry she wears a pendant that is of the druid circle with a dagger through the center. She has multiple sets of earrings and bracelets and rings to wear to match with her gowns.

Armor splint mail armor, scale mail, gauntlet (spiked)

Weapons sword, quarterstaff, bow and 20 arrows, dagger, dirk, throwing darts and stars, bastard sword

clothing description
- golden gown consisting of a tight fitting bodice with underskirts of gold silk. A think golden fail that is see through at the skirt showing the full skirt from the under gown. The top of the over gown is a heavy silk with embroidered flowers and rare gems set into there center.
- Her courtly gown consists of a hooped skirt of black satin silk with a tight bodice of black satin silk with studded embroidery down the center along the lace making it look like silver, gold, and rare gem hemming.
- She has many other gowns of similar design.
- She has three riding attires consisting of plain or embroidered loose bodices and loose divided skirts.
- She has three traveling outfits of soft satin that are all loose bodice, and long loose full skirts.
- She has a lot of dresses of plainer design for normal everyday wear.
- She has cloaks to fit with every ocasion

Gear - Has everything she could ever need, she lives in a palace and is attended by servants, handmaidens, bodyguards, and a whole army of people to serve her every desire.

Skills appraise, balance, concentration, decipher script, diplomacy, disable device, disguise, escape, gather information, handle animal, heal, intimidate, jump, knowledge (please specify in the notes bellow), listen, stealth, open lock, ride, search, spellcraft, spot, tumble, use magic device, use rope

Notes (for spells) Knowledge of: Arcana, Science, Religion, Dragons, Humans, Ruling a Kingdom

Magic Druid spells

Notes you wish to add She's the Queen of Both the Dragons and Humans and half breeds.

To the darkness we all go.
Though the ends of time may come,
I will stay vigilent and never wander,
I will live my life by the rules of the night,
I am the Wraith of evenstar.

.:. Wraith .:.
>> Shadows desire
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Wraith I
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